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      Question: Can we “Name Your Price " can be done Anytime? 

      Answer: Yes you can. 

      Question: Is “Name Your Price “like an Auction ?

      Answer: No, prices are quoted on a case by case basis it’s up to Inventory Deal and buyer to mutually agree on proceeding to successful transaction.

      Question: What do you mean by " My Transaction list ", " My Order History " under my sales main menu ? 

      Answer: These are details of the sales of your product which you have uploaded. My Transaction list gives information about the transaction happened with your product where others have Made transactions to purchase your product My orders History list gives information about the order happened with your product where others have purchased your product

      Question: What do you mean by “My orders" under "My Purchases" menu ? 

      Answer: These are completing financial and product related Purchases made through these site.

      Question: Where are Custom parts Made? 

      Answer: At our certified Inventory Deal Manufacturing Locations in India and China.

      Question:Do you have any listing charges? 

      Anwser: Currently we do not have any per item listing charges. You are free to upload as many products you want. 

      Question: Will my custom parts be automatically put for Bid (Name your Price) and drawings displayed on portal? 

      Answer: If, Confidentiality is opted during uploading the drawing, we will not place the respective part on bid (Name your Price) or display drawings on the portal.